5 Steps to Take After Experiencing a Cyber Security Breach
February 1, 2023 at 5:00 AM
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As the business world continues to move towards increased interconnectivity with a reliance on cloud-based technologies, the threat of cybercrimes has gotten more severe. A cyber security breach can penetrate your network, steal valuable information, and bring your operations to a halt.

The best way to avoid these hassles is to guard your network diligently, but if a breach does occur, it's helpful to know what your next steps should be. This guide outlines what to do immediately after discovering you have a cyber security breach.

How to handle a security breach on your network.

Identify and contain the breach.

Once you detect a breach, timing becomes everything. The longer it takes to contain it, the more damage the cyber criminals can do to your network. Figure out which systems have been affected and how many servers were compromised. Once you know that, disconnect them from the larger network and disable remote access. This will lock the breach out of the network, stop the spread, and allow you to get started on the next steps.

Address vulnerabilities in your network.

Armed with the information of how the breach occurred and what systems were affected, it's time to go in and fix the problems that allowed it to happen. Depending on the nature of the attack, the solutions to securing your network can vary. Steps like changing access codes, setting up multifactor authentication (MFA), or investigating your network's firewall can all help resecure your network.

Test your new security solution.

Whatever steps your company has to take to ensure the network is secured again, it's always recommended that you test the solution you implemented. In the hectic aftermath following a cyber security breach, it's possible that the IT team could have overlooked a key detail in their rush to stop the attack. Test all the servers and virtual machines to ensure the attacker can't breach the system using the same strategies and update your team's authorization credentials.

Inform all interested parties.

Once you've stopped the attack and feel like your network is secure again, you need to make an announcement about the breach. Start with law enforcement so they can investigate the attack. You should also share the news with all your employees so they can be aware and exercise more caution moving forward. Inform any affected clients of the breach, what information was vulnerable, and the steps you've taken to prevent future attacks. Finally, reach out to your legal team about any liabilities the company may face.

Create an ongoing prevention plan.

You'll need to create and stick with a company-wide prevention plan to avoid being breached again. You can have your IT department proactively monitor and do ongoing testing to ensure the integrity of your network. You'll also need the help of the rest of your team. You can set up training courses on cyber security, regularly test that employees are following best protocols, and set up MFA while also requiring regular password updates.

Don't let a cyber security breach hurt your company.

Since stopping a breach quickly is of the utmost importance, it's helpful to call in help from cyber security experts if a breach occurs. The Baran Agency is comprised of highly trained industry specialists who provide cyber security and compliance services for the United States Defense Industrial Base.

If your network has been breached, we can come in as a third-party provider and quickly help you identify the threat and implement any security patches you need to restore the integrity of your network before it becomes too big a problem to manage. Learn more about our breach response services, or connect with us online to set up your free consultation.