Keep your patients’ info safe with healthcare cybersecurity solutions
October 1, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Keep your patients’ info safe with healthcare cybersecurity solutions

As a healthcare provider, you understand the importance of keeping your patients’ information safe. This includes everything from using privacy screens for your computers, speaking in hushed tones in the waiting room, and having quality healthcare cybersecurity solutions in place. At The Baran Agency, we can help you secure patient information to combat potential information breaches. Keep reading to learn more about our solutions and how they can help you.

Low latency

When many people hear about low latency they automatically assume that it means low-speed connection. However, the opposite is the truth. Low latency means that your computer’s connection is fast enough that its measured lag and connection to the internet is low. For instance, if you have a fast connection to the internet, you might see latency speeds of about 100ms. This is the amount of time that it takes your computer to respond to the information provided from a website or database and is measured in milliseconds.

Low latency is crucial for cybersecurity because it allows for security measures to be taken immediately. If you’re experiencing severe lags and information takes 10 to 15 seconds to show up on the screen, that’s 10 to 15 seconds of response time lost as you’re working from behind to try to resolve the issue. Adjusting your system for low latency allows for optimal response and threat resolution.

Threat intelligence

The first part of combatting a threat is being able to identify it. If you don’t know what you’re looking for, there’s no way that you can address the problem. Threat intelligence is as important of a piece of healthcare cybersecurity solutions as anything else because it requires those providing your service to stay up-to-date on current and potential threats. You have enough to worry about day to day with managing a clinic and patient care, you don’t have time to worry about cybercriminals. You can leave this up to the professionals so you can effectively practice medicine.

Risk management

In today’s cyber world, it’s not a matter of if your information database is breached, but when it happens. This means that you need to have a plan in place to quickly eliminate the threat then analyze the damage that’s been done. Part of your cybersecurity service needs to have a risk management team that can evaluate every breach both big and small to let you know if any patient information was accessed as well as how the breach happened. This will help to make your system more secure in the future as you address current weaknesses.

Staff training

Part of keeping patient information safe and secure is training your staff regarding potential risks and targeted behavior. Our team of experts can teach your employees about phishing scams that might be directed to them individually or to others in your organization. These pieces of training will help to emphasize the importance of vigilance in being aware of emails they open and the websites they visit.

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Today’s digital landscape is muddled with criminals who are looking to make a big score by stealing personal information and selling it on the black market. Don’t put your patients and their personal information at risk anymore. Get in touch with us at The Baran Agency so we can provide you with a free consultation for healthcare cybersecurity solutions. Give us a call at 833-682-2726 or send a message using our online contact form. You can also use our tool to schedule a meeting.