Why Should You Employ Military Grade Computer Protection?
December 12, 2022 at 8:00 AM
Military grade computer protection

Cybersecurity has become a primary concern for businesses of all sizes and across a plethora of different industries. This is no surprise given the amount of operations that now take place online. With a growing reliance on computer data, hackers have become increasingly sophisticated in their methods of accessing private information. To combat the risk of compromised data, business owners must implement a range of security protocols.

Our experienced team at The Baran Agency offers military grade resources that secure your online transactions and other sensitive data. If you do not yet have a cybersecurity system in place, continue reading to learn a few reasons why we recommend employing military grade computer protection.

Gain trust from clients

The numerous cyber attacks that have made news in the past several years have made consumers more aware of cybersecurity risks and what it means to entrust an organization with sensitive personal information. With that, cybersecurity mechanisms are of the utmost importance to many clients seeking products and services online. Military grade computer protection keeps businesses in compliance with industry standards such as Fed Ramp, DFARS, NIST 800-171, GDPR, CPPA, PCI, and others. Regardless of the types of products and services your business offers, premium data protection is a major selling point for many consumers. Thus, employing military grade computer protection gives you an edge against the competition.

Severity of cyber attacks

In the past several years, cyber attacks have accounted for trillions of dollars in business losses. Contrary to popular belief, these problems are not unique to large-scale organizations; rather, small business owners often fall victim to hackers and lack the resources to respond to data breaches effectively. Over 40% of cyber attacks are targeted towards small businesses and nearly two thirds of businesses throughout the world have experienced hacking in some form. These threats are far too significant to ignore. Military grade computer protection is a small investment that can save your business a large sum of money and time.

Rapid breach response

With the frequency of cybersecurity attacks happening in the US, establishing a response program that can be used in the event of a data breach is just as important as taking preventative measures. The faster security threats are identified and addressed, the less severe damages and data loss will be. At The Baran Agency, our highly qualified personnel are an important part of our military grade computer protection resources. Having access to remote or in-person staff that are trained to handle a variety of security breaches can minimize the consequences of a cyber attack.

Avoid penalties for negligence

In the United States, there are several regulatory bodies in place, which aim to protect consumers against cybersecurity attacks. Businesses of all sizes are expected to comply with privacy and data security standards set out by the government, and can be heavily fined if they fail to do so. Opting for the highest standard of protection is the best way to ensure you are in compliance, and are not at risk of being penalized for a lack of cybersecurity mechanisms.

Eligibility for cybersecurity insurance

Cybersecurity insurance policies make it possible for business owners to recover the cost of damages caused by a cyber attack. However, providers will not insure companies that do not meet the minimum criteria for preventive security measures. Military grade computer protection will put your business in the best position to explore coverage options.

Are you looking for cybersecurity solutions that will protect your data against wrongdoers? Contact our experts at The Baran Agency today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about military grade computer protection.