What are Military-Grade Cybersecurity Solutions in Folsom, CA?
January 27, 2021 at 10:30 PM
Protect your company and client data with military-grade cybersecurity solutions in Folsom, CA.

Technology makes doing business easier than ever–digital innovations streamlined operations for both the private sector and government contractors. But web-enabled devices and functions gave rise to an entirely new kind of criminal. Hackers commit crimes in a virtual space, accessing company data from remote locations. As cyber-security improves, so does the skill set of nefarious individuals who seek profit from stealing and selling data.

No matter your field or industry, it’s critical for US businesses to work with cybersecurity specialists. Companies like The Baran Agency provide military-grade cybersecurity solutions in Folsom, CA, and beyond.

What is military-grade cybersecurity?

The Baran Agency is an ex-military team dedicated to preventing data breaches for US companies. We work with Department of Defense contractors to ensure they meet stringent Federal Cybersecurity Regulations. No matter your company’s size or industry, we’ll put our cyber-combat experience to work for you through four core pillars of cybersecurity.

Cybersecurity Auditing and Compliance

You can’t protect your company against security breaches without knowing your weaknesses. Getting military-grade cybersecurity starts with a military-trained team examining your current system and finding where you’re vulnerable. Our unbiased risk assessment, auditing, and compliance services are the first step in protecting your company against digital attacks.

We compile client reports using models from the Department of Defense, so you get information of the same quality and detail as government agencies and contractors. From our initial, comprehensive analysis, you’re able to address the weak spots in your company’s security and mitigate risks.

Cybersecurity Training and Staffing

Many Folsom, CA companies, both in the private sector and DoD contractors, don’t realize the human-element in military-grade cybersecurity solutions. Sometimes the most significant vulnerability in your cybersecurity is your team members and employees. Because The Baran Agency team comes from ex-military backgrounds, we’re able to provide unparalleled training to your company, so they can recognize both security threats and breaches and react quickly.

We also provide an array of military-grade staffing options for our clients: remote or on-site, on an hourly or project basis, even full-time CTO and security administration.

Proactive Cybersecurity Solution Deployment

When you understand your vulnerabilities and are working with experienced, knowledgeable staff, you can deploy cybersecurity solutions that will develop and adapt to ongoing cyber threats. Unfortunately, there’s no set-it-and-forget-it for digital security. As technology advances, so do hacking techniques and strategies. The Baran Agency augments your current physical and digital IT solutions with military experience and precision.

Risk Management and Breach Response Training

The unpleasant truth is that a data breach is a matter of when not if. Even with the best military-grade cybersecurity solutions in Folsom, CA, your company will probably face a cyber attack at some point. What sets military-grade apart from traditional cybersecurity is the training your team and employees will have. The Baran Agency provides high-level training that includes attack simulations, so all of your staff have real-time experience responding to a breach.

We also provide our clients access to our ex-military Breach Response Team to provide guidance and support during and after cyberattacks, 24/7/365.

The Baran Agency can help you upgrade to military-grade cybersecurity solutions for your Folsom, CA business.

If your business is part of the Defense Industrial Base, there are new cyber-security standards set by the Department of Defense. These new regulations establish what’s considered secure in our modern world. Even if you operate in the private sector, getting military-grade cybersecurity solutions for your Folsom, CA business will set you apart from the competition.

The Baran Agency team comes from military backgrounds, offering core cybersecurity services to DoD contractors and companies of all sizes in the private sector. Schedule an appointment for a free consultation to learn about the cybersecurity solutions The Baran Agency can offer you.