Top Tips to Optimize Cybersecurity Compliance Services
July 13, 2021 at 9:30 PM
Cybersecurity compliance services.

Never has the threat from hackers and domestic and foreign cybercriminals been so present and dangerous. There’s an urgent need for government enterprises and businesses of all sizes to safeguard their data against threats. The Baran Agency dedicates itself to meeting that demand with cybersecurity compliance services that will audit your business to see potential points of weakness. Then, we’ll offer strategies to protect your information and that of your clients, customers, and partners.

Cybersecurity compliance often refers to the standards set forth by the Department of Defense for entities who are part of the Defense Industrial Base. Not all companies in the private sector defer to a regulatory body for compliance standards. However, The Baran Agency uses the CMMC Cybersecurity Standards as guidelines to offer our clients peace of mind that their data is as secure as the DoD.

Establish the type of data your enterprise uses and the protection it requires.

Cybersecurity compliance services include audits to identify the kinds of data that your company uses, stores, and transmits, as well as the places where you’re doing business. Compliance standards differ depending on the type of data you’re storing and between states and nations. Even if you don’t work with either of the following kinds of data, that doesn’t mean you don’t require the same level of security.

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) often has additional security requirements and includes:

  • First and last names
  • Birthday
  • Address
  • Social security numbers

This information could belong to your clients, customers, or team members.

Personal Health Information (PHI) refers to someone’s medical history and must meet rigorous standards of security:

  • Medical history
  • Records regarding prescriptions and hospital stays
  • Insurance information

Regardless of the data you store, the best preparation for a cyberattack is holding yourself to the highest cybersecurity compliance standards.

Train your staff to recognize and react to threats and breaches.

Untrained employees can be one of the most considerable risks to your company’s data safety. Most cybersecurity compliance services include staff training. The right preparation empowers your team to recognize common cyberattacks, as well as what to do in case of a breach.

The Baran Agency offers customizable training, either in-house or remote, and as an hourly or project-based curriculum. We use your most powerful asset–your people–to become your most robust defense against cyberattacks.

Perform seasonal risk assessments to make notes of new potential threats.

As attacks from hackers evolve and become more advanced, so should your defenses and response. Cybersecurity compliance services will help you discover vulnerabilities in your system before criminals do and then offer actionable solutions to bolster your defenses.

Risk assessments aren’t a do-once-and-you’re-done service. They’re an ongoing cybersecurity compliance service to stay ahead of criminal computer attacks. With regular risk assessments, you can tell your customers and clients that you’re doing everything possible to protect their security with confidence.

Schedule a consultation with The Baran Agency to learn more about our cybersecurity compliance services.

Cybersecurity has become an issue of national security for businesses of all sizes, regardless of your sector. The Baran Agency has years of experience working in military-level cybersecurity. We now offer the same level of compliance in the private sector as found in the Department of Defense. We can help protect your company against attacks by foreign and national hackers to ensure your–and your client and customers–data security.

If you’re unsure what your current data protections comprise, then chances are you’re vulnerable to hackers. Schedule a consultation with our cybersecurity compliance services and get DoD-level protection against cyberattacks.