What Does a Security Audit Entail?
March 9, 2022 at 9:00 AM
Military personnel performing a security audit

In today’s world, nearly every business and government organization stores the majority of their data using an electronic database and relies on a private network for inter-organizational communications. While recent advancements in technology have made it possible for companies to conduct business operations online, they have also created numerous opportunities for unauthorized personnel to gain access to sensitive information.

The best defense against a cybersecurity threat is to complete a thorough analysis of your current internal and external security measures. An in-depth security audit however, requires the expertise of an industry specialist who understands the nuances of cybersecurity. At The Baran Agency, our mission is to keep businesses and government organizations across the United States protected with military grade cybersecurity services.

A security audit is an excellent way to protect important company data and offer peace of mind for your employees and clientele. Continue reading to learn what exactly our security audit services entail.

Identify threats 

From compromised online transactions to weak password security, there are many ways in which a cyber attack could put your staff, clients, and organization at risk. Unfortunately, most business owners are not well-versed in how to optimize their security measures or how to flag a potential security breach. During a security audit, the first step that our specialists take is to identify vulnerabilities and current breaches of security within your system so that we understand where your security measures need to be strengthened.

Review organizational policies

Beyond identifying the best software and database to secure your organization, there are a few steps that your professional team can take to prevent security issues. For example, implementing a multi-factor identification policy and encouraging employees to use a password manager are excellent ways to prevent hackers from gaining access to sensitive information. By implementing better practices, your organization will be far less likely to fall victim to a cyber attack. During our security audit, we will recommend a variety of customized strategies to help keep your data secure.

Oversee implementation

Once internal and external security measures have been evaluated, our cybersecurity experts will create a customized plan based on the identified risk factors. Whether you require VPN installation, an antivirus software, or data encryption, we will oversee implementation to ensure optimal security. Our job is not complete until your data is protected with military grade security measures.

Stage potential cyber attacks

The final step of our cybersecurity audit is to test your new system by staging a variety of real-life scenarios. Our team offers the expertise to safely mimic an attempted security breach, which will reveal the success or failure of our efforts. If we are able to break through your new security system and access sensitive information, we will re-examine our strategy until an impenetrable security system is established.

Ensure compliance with cyber laws

During security audits, our team takes all necessary precautions to ensure your business is in compliance with cyber laws and software regulations. Unfortunately, not all business owners are familiar with these restrictions, and may therefore face legal repercussions due to their negligence. Cyber laws govern the type of network your organization may use, digital currency usage, and more. A failure to comply with these laws could be detrimental to your organization. Rest assured, our experienced auditors are well-versed in all cyber laws, and will work to keep your business in full compliance.

A security audit is an excellent step that executive teams can take towards the greater protection of organizational data. Our security experts at The Baran Agency offer the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure a fully optimized security system. Contact us today to schedule an appointment.