What Does a Cybersecurity Staffing Company do for Small Businesses?
November 1, 2022 at 7:00 AM
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Cybersecurity is a vital aspect of any business’ viability. Whether it’s for protection from attackers or potential threats or to secure your day-to-day operations in general, cybersecurity is necessity not a luxury. However, the average small business is not likely to have a comprehensive enough cybersecurity team that’s prepared to take on all the challenges the modern internet landscape presents. A solution to this dilemma? Cybersecurity staffing.

At Baran Agency, we understand the importance of diligent cybersecurity. That’s precisely why we offer holistic protections with military grade service. Our team comprises exclusively ex-military personnel with the necessary skills to safeguard your systems and data to a t. No matter the kind of cybersecurity you need, we’ll have an option for you. To help out some of our small business clients (current and potential), we’ve outlined exactly how cybersecurity staffing can assist small businesses.

What is cybersecurity staffing?

IT and cybersecurity is something companies have implemented for a long time. However, as the internet changes and threats become a daily occurrence, you can't mess around with your cybersecurity staffing. To address this issue, dedicated cybersecurity teams like Baran Agency have developed outsourcing tactics to aid small businesses who aren't equipped to handle their cybersecurity needs on their own.

Cybersecurity staffing is essentially, when an external agency offers cybersecurity training and positions to a business. For example, Baran Agency offers a wide range of Cybersecurity Services onsite, or remotely, and on an as-needed, hourly or per-project basis. Baran Agency offers small businesses well trained, experienced personnel and candidates that can provide everything from network and security administration, to full-time or fractional CTO roles. Cybersecurity staffing is an excellent option for small businesses and can offer a wide variety of benefits.

Experienced personnel

When you implement cybersecurity staffing with cybersecurity professionals from a reliable company like Baran Agency, it takes the guessing out of hiring full time positions. You don’t need to wonder if the people you’re hiring are actually equipped to handle your cybersecurity needs because you’re working directly with an experienced and reliable team.

When working with a team like Baran Agency, you get the benefit of working with a large pool of professionals all with varied levels of experience and diverse backgrounds—meaning you get the best of the best in the world of cybersecurity. Our personnel at Baran Agency are equipped with military grade skills and have worked on projects and with companies of all calibers. Their top of the line expertise means they’re ready for anything when it comes to cybersecurity.

Quick hiring process

When hiring a full time cybersecurity specialist or IT department, you have to go through the grueling process of combing through applications and interviewing potential hires. When working with Baran Agency, you may have to vet their services and reach out to the team prior to feeling good about working them, however, you don’t have to wonder about their abilities.

With years of experience and the backing of a reliable cybersecurity agency like Baran Agency, you can feel confident that whoever is staffed to handle your cybersecurity will do so diligently and with the expertise of a seasoned professional.

Reach out to Baran Agency and get to work today!

With a plethora of services and years of experience, you can feel confident that the team at Baran Agency is equipped to handle all of your cybersecurity staffing requirements. Whether you need a comprehensive team or the personal touch of an individual cybersecurity expert, our team is here to help you. Don’t wait to fulfill your cybersecurity needs when it’s already too late, contact the reliable team at Baran Agency today.