Why cyber defense online is so important
April 6, 2021 at 7:00 AM
Why cyber defense online is so important

Cyber crimes and hackings happen every day to individuals, large corporations, and small businesses. This is why cyber defense online is important now more than ever, especially for those who do work with the government, regardless of the industry.

It’s essential to protect your organization’s data from being stolen, but you also need to have a plan in place for the inevitable data breach. Here at the Baran Agency, we provide military grade cyber security solutions. In this article, we’re sharing why cyber defense online is a must for your company or organization, and how to protect yourself:

Cyber security is a matter of national security for government contractors

Online data storage has allowed companies to easily store and manage massive amounts of data. But this comes with an inherent risk: whenever your organization’s data is connected to the internet in any way, cyber criminals may attempt to steal and abuse this information.

While this can be disastrous to any company, it’s even more catastrophic for government contractors. Organizations that work with the government often deal with classified data. This means that the nation’s security can be put at risk in the event of a data breach.

Government contractors are required to meet strict cyber security standards set by the Department of Defense and other federal agencies. The Baran Agency can help you discover where your security is lacking, and help you deploy a robust plan to strengthen your cyber defense online.

Weak cyber security can jeopardize your valuable government contracts

You’ve worked hard to secure your government contract, so it’s important to do everything possible to safeguard your data according to federal requirements. As mentioned above, government contractors are required to uphold and maintain strict security standards. This means having the right security measures in place, and making sure your staff knows how to maintain government-required protocols.

If a data breach occurs due to your inadequate cyber defense online, then this can jeopardize the important government contract that your organization depends on. For those lacking the in-house expertise needed for optimal security, we can help.

The Baran Agency will not only design and deploy a custom cyber security plan, but we can also implement this plan remotely or onsite as needed. We can also train your in-house staff so they are fully up to speed on what the DoD requires.

Working remotely means an increase in potential security threats

Government contractors aren’t the only organizations that should be concerned about strengthening their cyber defense online. With many companies shifting to remote work, employees are no longer working through protected servers.

Your team members may be working on public WiFi at coffee shops, co-working spaces, or hotels. Public WiFi makes it a lot easier for hackers to obtain sensitive information, such as your company’s proprietary data, or even your clients’ financial information.

If your company works online in any capacity, then boosting your cyber security is a must. Whether or not you’re a government contractor, the Baran Agency can provide you with military grade cyber security solutions to keep your data safe.

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