Why You Should Conduct a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment with the Baran Agency
July 31, 2020 at 6:00 AM
rely on a cybersecurity risk assesment from the Baran Agency

There has never been a more immediate threat to America’s small and medium-sized businesses than cybersecurity breaches. These threats impact businesses in all sectors and industries. While businesses must anticipate cyber attacks, cybersecurity risk assessments from the Baran Agency help identify risks before an attack takes place, helping businesses remain secure and to protect their most sensitive data. Here’s why you should turn to the Baran Agency for your risk assessment.

Why Perform a Cybersecurity Risk Assessment?

Because no business is safe from attacks, it’s essential that all businesses take all necessary steps to prevent data breaches. Cybersecurity risk assessments are an excellent method of learning where your most exploitable and penetrable weak spots are in your network, and help identify and estimate the risk to your business.

The information revealed through your cybersecurity risk assessment from the Baran Agency helps you pinpoint and prioritize these risks to your operations and business continuity. This includes not only data on your business, but those who make your business possible, like employees, contractors, and clients and customers.

Another important reason to conduct a risk assessment is that it can help your company protect more than data. As cybersecurity breaches increase, companies should expect that their data may be made public. Not only is this dangerous to your business’ bottom line, but it’s also a threat to its reputation and public image.

While no information leaked to the public is beneficial, some information may do irreparable harm to your organization’s standing in your industry, sector, or community. This may include interorganizational communication like emails, photos, and instant messages. By undergoing a risk assessment, you can identify weak points and reinforce those areas to make it increasingly difficult for hackers to compromise your information.

How Our Cybersecurity Risk Assessments Work

When you rely on us for your risk assessment, you can expect that we delve into each element of your organization to find and potential areas that could be compromised. This gives us a lucid understanding of not only where your weak spots are located, but allows us to provide you with options for correcting any compromisable areas so you can prioritize the most immediate needs.

We perform an independent and unbiased audit, revealing both strengths and weaknesses. We then compile all information gleans into a comprehensive report based on the U.S. Department of Defense Draft Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification (CMMC) or a report in line with federal, state, or industry standards. These additional standards include Fed Ramp, DFARS, NIST, 800-71, GDPR, CPPA, PCI, and others.

Once your audit is complete, our team of trained and experienced military veterans provide advisory services to your organization to ensure alignment with your industry-specific standards and compliance requirements. This allows us and your organization to address and correct any shortcomings revealed in the audit or assessment and to then ensure your company becomes and remains compliant.

Trust Your Company’s Cybersecurtiy to the Baran Agency

No matter your industry or headcount, you should anticipate a cybersecurity breach. The Baran Agency’s risk assessment can be the difference between a data breach and uninterrupted cybersecurity. Reach out to us today for your free consultation.