Why Your Business Needs Military Grade Computer Protection
October 10, 2022 at 6:00 PM

Did you know that hackers attack businesses every 11 seconds? The tools they use to infiltrate computer networks are often highly sophisticated, meaning it's no longer enough to rely on simple antivirus software or firewalls to protect your business.

That's where military grade computer protection comes in. Here's a look at how the next generation of cybersecurity solutions can help you safeguard your data and minimize any losses associated with system breaches.

What Is Military Grade Computer Protection?

Military grade cybersecurity is the highest level of computer protection. It's trusted by government departments to protect critical hardware, software, and data from state-sponsored hacking attempts. 

Does your organization really need military grade cybersecurity, though? Absolutely. Hackers are increasingly using high-level tools to access business networks, which means your data is under threat unless you have the technology in place to fight back. It doesn't matter whether you're in the nonprofit sector or you're running a financial services firm – your business is vulnerable, and you need the right tools to protect your company data. If you're still not convinced, though, here are four major reasons why you should choose military grade computer protection.

1. Detect High-Level Threats

With cyber threats becoming more sophisticated, your cyber defenses must be advanced enough to detect suspicious activity at the earliest opportunity. Although commercial grade security solutions may detect low-level malicious activity, it's likely that some significant threats will go undetected.

Remember, prevention is always better than cure. Military grade cybersecurity is the most effective way to identify, isolate, and repel threats before they infiltrate your system.   

2. Identify System Vulnerabilities 

It takes the average business at least 20 days to recover from a cyberattack, and during this time, you're facing significant financial losses and reputation damage. Military grade computer protection helps to reduce downtime by detecting – and fixing – vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by criminals. 

3. Safeguard Your Sensitive Data  

Whatever industry you're in, your customers trust you to protect their personal data. Data breaches erode this trust and could result in financial and reputation damage – especially if it's a significant data leak. With military grade cybersecurity, your customers and clients will know you take data protection seriously, so they'll be more likely to stay loyal to your organization.

4. Build Your Cybersecurity Resilience 

Cyber threats evolve constantly, and so your cybersecurity solution must be agile enough to adapt to a changing environment. Military grade computer protection is highly robust and frequently updated, meaning your business will have the defenses it needs to withstand the latest security threats.  

Upgrade Your Cybersecurity Strategy | The Baran Agency 

To protect your business, it's crucial that you implement cybersecurity tools that are resilient enough to shield your company from increasingly sophisticated attacks. At The Baran Agency, our team understands the challenges you're facing. Our ex-military security experts can evaluate your IT systems and identify weaknesses before hackers exploit them. We will determine how best to safeguard your data from evolving threats, and we'll help you keep customer and mission-critical data safe. 

Don't let your business become another cybersecurity statistic. Contact us now to learn more about our military grade computer protection or to schedule a free consultation.